Happy St. Patrick's Day - All JEWELRY 67% OFF
Happy St. Patrick's Day - All JEWELRY 67% OFF

Natural Amber Earrings  

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About SRS Natural Amber Earrings Collection

Amber is fossilized tree resin, available in a range of colors from dark brown to light, almost lemon yellow. Nowadays most amber is retrieved from the Baltic area and from Central America. It is originally a very soft, and can be scratched easily, but the Amber in our earrings is reconstituted and processed professionally, so it is much harder and is less prone to scratching, while keeping all its best features, which made it fantastic and beautiful material for jewelry, used since hundreds of years. Natural Amber earrings made from the best quality materials, namely from Baltic Amber and sterling silver, and by the most skillful hands, like the ones in our selection are perfect demonstrations of high quality craftsmanship. Amber is a material that has the looks of the most beautiful semi-precious stones, only with a more natural feeling to it, which makes it more natural, more humanly.

Although technically it is not a gemstone or a mineral, it is still considered as a stone which has many positive implications for the wearer, especially in reducing headaches (including migraine) and blood pressure problems. Travelers used to carry amber with themselves for protection, for early Christians, the material meant that the Lord is in their presence, while it also has a meaning for Asian and Northern African cultures.

As Amber it is not a stone but a more "living" material, it is mainly advised to be worn for informal occasions, but it suits the requirements for more formal events as well. It goes very well with any natural color, and is very popular among friendly and open women, and those who love to be out in the nature.

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