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Pure Hawks Eye Earrings  

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About SRS Pure Hawks Eye Earrings Collection

However confusing it may sound, Hawk's eye is actually Tiger's eye, only in blue or blue-grey colors, unlike the usually golden traditional Tiger's eye. It has many small fine layers, that reflect the light in many different ways and directions, which gives it a particularly astonishing look. It is mostly mined in South Africa, but there are many other sources it is mined from, for example India, Australia, Sri Lanka and Western Australia. It is a so-called chatoyant stone, which is a French word, meaning it resembles the "cat's eye", providing a silky, shimmering reflection we can usually observe when looking a cat in the eye. By cutting and polishing, these features can be greatly enhanced in the Hawk's eye stones, thus creating the magnificent stones we use for our Hawk's eye earrings.

Although it is a very tough material, it should be handled with care, as it can chip or break along the existing facture lines at the layers. If handled with care though, the jewels made from this fantastic material will quickly become your favorites due to their fantastic features, including the priceless cat's eye sensation and the wonderful colors and tones found inside. Thanks to these characteristics, a person wearing Cat's eyes earrings will always be in the middle of the spotlight, so if you like to stay in the shade, we advise you to take a look at our earrings made of more subtle stones. If you relish the attention though, you should definitely consider purchasing one of the masterpieces on this page, as it will help you to enhance your already mesmerizing aura.

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