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Boulder Opal Earrings  

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About SRS Boulder Opal Earrings Collection

Opal has a very special place reserved for it among the minerals, as it is usually not consisting of only one color, but of the combination of many, which makes it a truly magnificent spectacle. It is actually not even a mineral, only a so-called mineraloid (which refers to its weaker internal structure). It can occur nearly anywhere in the world in nearly any kind of stone, but the majority of it is mined in Australia, no wonder that it is the national gemstone of the country as well.

Opals can have many kinds of hues, literally from all corners of the color spectrum, but the two rarest colors to be found are black and red, so these are the ones that can make an opal more valuable. One feature that also determines the value of a stone is how playful it is when the light shines on it, as those stones that doesn't really react to light are sometimes mocked as "jelly opal". You can be sure though that the Boulder Opal earrings in our selection are all made with the most beautiful and shiny Opals found around the globe, while they are also only framed within the best quality sterling silver sockets, to create a truly fabulous piece of jewelry.

According to the myth, Opals (and especially Boulder Opal) possess all the virtues of the gemstones that only have on color, just in little doses. So if you feel that you would like a stone that can help to make your life better in every way, choose one of the earrings on this page, and you can be sure that you acquire a piece of craftsmanship that will become your faithful companion for many years to come.

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