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Moss Prehnite Earrings  

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$120.59 $39.79
RETAIL value: $1,205.90
Weight: 6.50g
Dimension: L- 1 3/4, W - 3/16, T- 3/16 inch
Backing: Push backing
Item Code: 21-lut-24-54
-90% & -67%
$165.25 $54.53
RETAIL value: $1,652.50
Weight: 12.80g
Dimension: L- 1 1/4, W - 1, T- 3/16 inch
Backing: French Back earrings
Item Code: 8-maj-23-15
-90% & -67%
$153.00 $50.49
RETAIL value: $1,530.10
Weight: 9.80g
Dimension: L- 1, W - 3/4, T- 3/16 inch
Backing: French Back earrings
Item Code: 10-kwi-23-36

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About SRS Moss Prehnite Earrings Collection

First described at the end of the ninetieth century, Prehnite, named after Colonel Hendrik Von Prehn, a Dutch military commander, is one of the youngest gemstones in our collection, and one of the most exciting ones too. Its light colors, usually between green and yellow ensure that it is a very subtle, but nonetheless very stunning gem that looks particularly impressive when socketed into beautiful silver frames. Since we introduced Moss Prehnite earrings to our collection, they soon became one of the most popular pieces of jewelry we offer, and you will soon understand why after you have taken a good look at the wonderful items we offer on this page.

Beauty is not the attractive feature of Prehnite, though. Soon after its discovery, many of its incredibly positive effects have been discovered, but with every passing year more and more healing properties of this fantastic stone surfaces. It was soon realized that it enhances precognition and vision, but it took some time since people also found out that it helps to get rid of deep fears, such as recurring nightmares and phobias, not to talk about its positive effects on the kidneys and the bladder.

The Moss Prehnite earrings we offer in our selection are all made with the most beautiful stones found all around the world, complemented by a pure sterling silver frame, which helps to create the wonderful jewels you can see on this page. It doesn't matter if you are young or old, conservative or liberal, these amazing pieces of craftsmanship will suit you well, and on nearly any kind of occasion from the most formal to the most informal ones.

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