Happy St. Patrick's Day - All JEWELRY 67% OFF
Happy St. Patrick's Day - All JEWELRY 67% OFF

Honey Topaz Earrings  

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About SRS Honey Topaz Earrings Collection

Topaz is originally a colorless and transparent gemstone, which is usually tinted by many types of impurities, giving it its wide range of tones. The most frequent colors for Topaz is the varieties of yellow, but it is also available in blue, brown, orange, red, and gray, not to mention the colors within it can be made into, like pink, yellow, gold or blue. It is the traditional birthstone for November, which means on one hand that its positive effects are the strongest in that time of the year, on the other hand that the people born in November are the ones who can feel its strength the most. There are many categories of Topazes; we offer more than a dozen types, which all have their unique features that make them special.

The Honey Topaz got its name for its unique color, which is not yellow but neither orange. It most resembles gold, but with maybe a bit of more cutting edge, more dynamism. It was very popular in the ancient Egypt, where people believed it to be the glow of the Sun God himself. For this very reason, it is believed that this gemstone helps to improve eyesight both in a physical and a metaphysical meaning, helping you to see clear on matters previously seemed too complex to be understood completely.

Our collection of Honey Topaz earrings consists of many beautiful items, which are all unique, as they were all handcrafted with the use of only the purest sterling silver. They can be worn on nearly any occasions, and you can be sure that whichever you choose will be faithful to its reputation and will act like a shining light on your ears.

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