Happy St. Patrick's Day - All JEWELRY 67% OFF
Happy St. Patrick's Day - All JEWELRY 67% OFF

Landscape Jasper Earrings  

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About SRS Landscape Jasper Earrings Collection

Available in many colors, including red, brown, green and yellow, Jasper is a stone that dates back to the fourth millennium B.C. Its name comes from the Hebrew and Acadian words for "spotted (or speckled) stone", and has been used as jewelry as well as for other purposes (for example to make bow drills) since thousands of years. It was a very well-respected and widely adored gem during the ancient times, but during the Middle Ages, it's popularity has shrank a bit. Since some centuries though, it is back, and is stronger than before. It's popularity is mainly based on its beautiful and inspiring colors of course, but it is also believed to be a power stone, as well as a protective one. It means that the people wearing jewelry made with Jasper enjoy the health benefits and healing properties of the stone, including positive effects on the liver and the stomach.

Landscape Jasper (sometimes also called Picture Jasper) is a name for all those Jaspers that have really unique patterns inside them that resemble natural or even artificial landscapes. These landscapes are so astonishingly beautiful that many people think that they are painted on the stone, but this is not the case! They were all painted by Mother Nature herself, so that we can wear them with pride in the pure sterling silver frames we offer them in. If you like the naturally sophisticated look, you should definitely opt for one of these Landscape Jasper earrings, but they are also perfect as gifts, should you think one of your loved ones deserve to be treated with one of these unique beauties.

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