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Rain Forest Jasper Earrings  

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About SRS Rain Forest Jasper Earrings Collection

When we think of the great land of Australia, we often think of breathtaking expanses of red desert populated with unique wildlife, or perhaps endless stretches of white-sanded beaches with crashing blue waves. Of course, Australia is a truly gigantic country, and so there's more diversity to its landscape than we might aware of. South America and the Amazon automatically springs to mind when we think of rain forest, but Australia is also home to some truly inspirational tropical rain forests, and this is perhaps why the rain forest jasper that is prevalent in the country, is also known as the Australian rain forest jasper, since when you look upon the green beauty of this stone, it's easy to think of a lush rain forest.

Rain forest jasper earrings are a stunning accompaniment to any jewelry collection, and their vibrant coloring means that they make a bold statement, while still retaining a sense of elegance and subtlety. The stone is also known as green Rhyolite, although this is of course not as lovely a name as rain forest jasper.

When it comes to choosing rain forest jasper earrings, you can be spoilt for choice, as they come in many different variations of green, as well as all the styles under the sun. Your ultimate choice will naturally depend on your preferences, and some women will prefer the darker mossy greens, whereas others will take a shine to the lighter green, which also has overtones of yellow.

No matter which type of rain forest jasper earrings you end up choosing, it's a wonderful way to think of the purity and splendour of nature- by just putting them on, you can think of the wonder of the rainforest.

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