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Happy St. Patrick's Day - All JEWELRY 67% OFF

Fire Opal Earrings  

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About SRS Fire Opal Earrings Collection

Opal is a very special gemstone, as it is not only a mineral, but rather a "mineraloid", due to its amorphous inner structure. It is not a very rare stone, but most of the Opals found are not spectacular, usually lacking the magical colors and shining of the most beautiful Opals, for example the ones we use for our earrings. Opals therefore can occur in nearly any kind of stone, many people who are interested in gems have encountered them in their lives, but for the aforementioned reasons, finding one with true value is significantly rarer.

The Opal is the national gem of Australia, no wonder that more than 95% of all the Opals on the market today were mined in the country. It is also the birthstone of October, so if you happen to be born in that month, you are warmly advised to acquire at least one of our Fire Opal earrings, as it will have a very positive effect for your overall health both mentally and physically.

One of the most splendid type of Opals are the Fire Opals, which are usually translucent gems with mainly warm colors, like orange, red and sometimes brown. They got their name for the burning sensation that surrounds these stone, which makes them so special and that helps to restore the energy levels of the person wearing Fire Opal jewelry. We always make sure to only select the most splendid and playful gems for our selection, so you can be completely sure that the jewels you see on this page are at least as magnificent as they appear on these pictures, but usually even more, as the feeling of warmth cannot be transmitted through pictures.

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